Friday, November 20, 2009

The Leafs Suck!!!

Well the Leafs did it again, they lost to the worst team in the league and blew a 3 goal lead in the process. You may ask but why do they suck? Well we are 20 games into the season, dead last in the league since losing to Carolina and we have compiled a less than impressive 3 wins. If this pace continues we will have an impressive 12 wins in 82 games. But that's okay right? because we should have the first overall draft pick, so we can take Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin. But WAIT we traded that pick to Boston as well as our 2nd rounder from this year and our 1st rounder for next year.

The Leafs are struggling all around it is impossible to put the blame on just one person. The only consistency with the Leafs is that no matter who is in goal the team doesn't play well enough in front of the goalies. On replays you are almost always seeing at least 1 Leaf defender standing around looking confused as to what assignment he is supposed to take, and that ultimately makes the goalies look bad as they fish the puck out of their net. Now I am not saying the goal tending is off the hook, they have their issues it seems goal tender Vesa Toskala can't stop a beach ball at times. Rookie Jonas Gustavsson has his share of bad games, although for the most part he always gives the Leafs a chance at winning, and cannot take the blame for the teams losses.

In my next blog I will discuss how Toronto's free agents are doing, and what they're not doing!!

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